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Cultural tours

Tanzania and the neighboring countries have much more to offer than wildlife and traditional safaris. We therefore recommend that you combine the many facets of the cultural and natural settings when planning your trip. It is indeed rewarding to get off the beaten track for a while and visit some of the less popular but definitely attractive sites.

Coffee fields in Utengule

Find inspiration below, and please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Historical sites

Southern circuit:

Bagamoyo, an interesting and central place for the slave trade and the first missionaries. You will also find the Kaole Ruins the remains of a mosque from the 13th century


Kilwa Ruins, an Arabic fort builded on the site of a Portuguese fort dating from the early 16.th century.


Isimila Stone-Age Site, one of the most significant Stone Age finds ever identified. 60.000 – 100.000 years old


Northern circuit:

Olduvai Gorge, provides remarkable documentation of ancient life. The most famous fossil is the 1.8 million-year-old ape-like skull, discovered in 1959.


Natural sites

Southern circuit:

Bridge of the gods , naturally shaped bridge by the made of rocks in beautiful evergreen settings. The site is located about 20 km from Tukuyu Town in Mbeya Region.


Kaporogwe Waterfall, among huge rocks and green trees with a spectacular view of the green green valley. You can camp under the rock with the view of the falling water just in front of you. You will find the place about 25 km from Tukuyu Town in Mbeya Region.


Canoe safari on Kilombero River, Spend the day (or just half a day) in a traditional, locally made dugout canoe on the Kilombero River. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover enchanting areas of Tanzania that you would otherwise miss. As you travel in your dugout canoe on the Kilombero River, keep your eyes peeled for the wonderful wildlife this area has to offer. Crocodiles, hippo and many different species of bird, including the Kilombero Weaver, can be spotted from the comfort of your canoe. Spending a day in your dugout canoe is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the cities, meet local fishermen and see areas of Tanzania that are often forgotten about. Have your camera at the ready, you will want to capture this magical land on film. The dugout canoe simply is the best way experience the enchanting floodplains of the Kilombero River. So come on hop aboard!


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